Educational Discount - Students and Staff

Jan 31, 2023
Educational Discount - Students and Staff

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At Geotagging AI, we believe in accessibility: we provide discounts to the students and faculty members, collaborate with journalists and researchers, and provide free tiers for testings.

If you’re a student or a faculty member at an educational institution, you can apply for a Geotagging AI education discount to apply our tools to your next research project.

Leave us your .edu email address below and we’ll send you an invitation to our API.

For additional requests, please contact us at [email protected]


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Global Wildfire Problem

Aug 14, 2023
Global Wildfire Problem

As a consequence of global climate change, the world’s climate has become hotter and drier, giving rise to a magnified global wildfire crisis. Over the years, certain regions like the United States, Canada, and Australia have been familiar with intense wildfires. However, in recent decades, these wildfires have emerged in unexpected places where they were once rare, such as Siberia and the Arctic.

In June 2021, the Siberian forests faced an unprecedented outbreak of wildfires triggered by …

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FireSafe Wildfire Alerts - June

Over time, various practices have emerged to aid in wildfire prevention and, at times, even wildfire prediction. Despite these efforts, the possibility of wildfires still exists. And as wildfire threats become more frequent and severe, it becomes utterly important to leverage all the resources available to detect wildfires early on.

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